Our Brands


Since 2002, - and formerly Vision3 LLC - Providing advanced performance and discrete professional corporate services in the area of Strategy, Search, Technology implementation and Compliance.  Blackhat services division of MyVision3 can provide 360 services around information and intangible asset security. -  visit us at http://www.myvision3.com

founded in 2010 -  The V3 Media Group with ventures in new media production and delivery, music production and distribution, wholesale branding, joint ventures include Trumpet Players Hall of fame and other strategic ventures with groups such as Green Chameleon Studios



Consumer goods for the discriminating: the group licenses and produces luxury brands such as V3 Vodka, V3 Luxury Cigars, as well as Logo accessories.

Angelshout: an exciting way to shout or whisper now or later through your AngelVault! app - coming soon for your tablet or phone 

Concrete architectural products and specialty finishes for the architecturally designed home or commercial applications.  


twitter ID's  @V3worldwide  @myVision3 @V3Vodka  @Angeshout1 @V3Cigars @V3 Luxury